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Things to do in Nova Scotia

109 Things to do in Nova Scotia (Waterfalls, Beaches, Lighthouses)

So just what can you do here in Nova Scotia? In this huge guide, you'll find 109 things to do in Nova Scotia. Looking for the best beaches, waterfalls and lighthouses around the province? Check out our detailed guides: Nova ...
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Clam Harbour Sandcastle Competition Beach

Nova Scotia Beaches: Guide to 41 Best Beaches in Nova Scotia

Looking for the best beaches in Nova Scotia? Here's the complete guide to Nova Scotia beaches - including the longest, warmest and best surfing beaches. Jump straight to the best Nova Scotia beaches Despite its northern location, Nova Scotia is ...
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Boars Head Lighthouse NovaScotia

41 Nova Scotia Lighthouses to Visit This Summer

Nova Scotia lighthouses are famous around the world. In this article, you'll learn about 41 lighthouses to visit this summer. Many families make it a tradition to visit their favourite lighthouse at least one a year. And when company comes, that ...
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Liscombe Falls Nova Scotia

28 Nova Scotia Waterfalls For Your Bucket List

Looking for waterfalls to explore? You are in the right place! Here are 28 Nova Scotia waterfalls for your next adventure. Waterfalls are abundant here in Nova Scotia. Exploring them will take you from one end of the province to the other. So ...
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Welcome to EhListers – a travel magazine for Nova Scotia. We are brand new (and growing fast). It's our goal to become the best source of travel and lifestyle content for everything on Canada's East Coast.

Why EhListers? You're looking for the best of Nova Scotia with a distinctly Canadian flavour, eh? Enough said.

To get started, here are some of our epic guides to visiting Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia beacheslighthouses, and waterfalls. In the coming months, we'll be covering other top outdoor attractions like hiking trails and campgrounds.

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Nova Scotia Cookery cookbook at Halifax Farmers Market

Our Snowy Visit to the Halifax Farmers Market (Nova Scotia)

Are you wondering where to go in Halifax this winter? So were we, and we found something great. On a recent visit to the city we went to the Halifax ...
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Port George Lighthouse Nova Scotia

4 Things To Do in Port George, Nova Scotia (Lighthouse, Jamboree…)

Port George, Nova Scotia is a pretty little seaside community situated along the Bay of Fundy in Annapolis County. This is a popular spot for beach combing and sightseeing, especially in ...
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Getting-GoPro-video-at-Baxters Harbour Waterfall N.S.

Visiting Baxters Harbour Falls in Nova Scotia? 7 Things You Need to Know

Baxters Harbour Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nova Scotia. And it's little wonder - it has a beautiful setting and it's easy to get to. In ...
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