Port George, Nova Scotia is a pretty little seaside community situated along the Bay of Fundy in Annapolis County. This is a popular spot for beach combing and sightseeing, especially in the summer during the Country Jamboree. Here’s a short video that shows Port George Lighthouse, Cottage Cove Provincial Park and the local wharf. Lighthouse in [...]

The Sambro Lighthouse is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the Americas! You’ll learn more about this and 18 other interesting facts in this post. Photo credit – The Sambro Lighthouse Heritage Society.  The Sambro Lighthouse is a very significant historic building in Canada. It marks the entrance into the second largest ice-free harbour in the [...]

Looking for winter things to do in the Annapolis Valley? In this post, you’ll find our top 10 winter activities here in the Annapolis Valley. There is so much to do in the Annapolis Valley in winter – this is the birthplace of Hockey after all! If we’ve missed your favourite winter activity, please add [...]

Last fall, we explored Wolfville (Nova Scotia) on foot. When we arrived at the little picnic park, the tide was completely out. I quickly set-up my camera and begin filming a time lapse. Here’s what it looked like when we arrived: a huge, empty mud puddle. And here’s what we saw over the next 80 minutes. [...]

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