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Thanks for your interest in guest blogging on EhListers!

Guest post on WiseGuides Nova Scotia

We want to provide a broad perspective about life and travel here in Nova Scotia – and that’s where you come in.

General Guidelines

  1. Tone: The post should be helpful and friendly (not promotional).
  2. Length: Post length should be 700+ words and include 3+ photos. We reserve the right to copy edit the post.
  3. Topic: Please let us know the topic you are considering before you write it. There are a few areas we avoid on this site (primarily religion and politics). See suggested topics below.
  4. Exclusivity: Contributed content must be unique. It cannot be copied from another site – or posted on another site after. Why do we require exclusivity? In a word: Google. When Google indexes the content, it will appear that one of us stole the content from the other. Either we both get penalized, one of us does, or the most recent post gets filtered from the search engines. If a guest post on our site is republished somewhere else, we’ll remove it from our site. A possible Google penalty isn’t worth it.
  5. Write a Brief Bio: With your guest post, please include a 2-4 sentence bio that summarizes who you are and how that relates to your topic. Be sure to include the url of your site and your primary social network (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)
Use a Teaser Post to Promote your Guest Post: While you can’t republish your guest post on your site, you can post a teaser post (with unique content) to promote your post on our site. A teaser post helps your readers see where you’ve been published. It will raise your profile, and they will still get to read your post.

Here’s how we will promote your post:

  • Back-link in the header or footer of each post
  • Keyworded title and tags
  • Promoted to our social communities. Depending on the nature and depth of the post, most will be promoted to our email list.
  • And, of course, our regular readers will check out your post.

Guest Post Topics

We are interested to receive guest posts on the following topics:

  • Food: We are interested in locally grown and harvested foods (blueberries, lobster, maple syrup) and traditional Nova Scotia dishes. If you are a producer or restaurant, consider a guest post that covers a local recipe, harvesting techniques, or history of a specific ingredient or dish.
  • Outdoor Attractions: We cover the best outdoor attractions and adventures in Nova Scotia, including beaches, hikes, waterfalls, and canoe trips. Consider sharing a recent day trip, newly discovered treasure, or your families favourite road trip/picnic area / hidden beach.
  • Your Personal Review: Share your personal review of a hotel, campground, adventure trip, etc. Of course, you can't review your own business or service – or be paid to review it for another company. Share lots of photos and include what you loved and what was missing.
  • Photo Compilation Posts: We are interested in sets of photos about Nova Scotia animals, snow storms, fall colours and more.
  • General Travel Tips: Have a set of tips for travelling in Nova Scotia? For example, you might explain how to understand highway numbering, to save money, to understand the local HST sales tax or a list of common (uncommon) expressions.
  • Specific City, Region, County Information: Are you knowledgeable about your city or region? Overview posts that list top areas, history, and general information about your area are also welcome.

For ideas of how to structure your post, check out: 73 Blog Post Ideas

All posts must be about travel and life in Nova Scotia.

Things we want to hear about:

  • How to Eat a Lobster
  • 11 Famous Nova Scotia Dishes
  • 4 Family Friendly Hikes in Halifax
  • 9 Fun Things to Do in Baddeck
  • How to… (travel and planning articles)
  • A travelogue of a recent trip to ____

Things we DON’T want to hear about:

  • Religion or politics – regardless of your angle
  • How to prevent toe fungus
  • Why forex trading is the best thing since sliced bread
  • How to save on prescription drugs
  • Why your company is the best company…

The Dreaded Rejection

While we receive many submissions, it isn’t possible to publish them all. Submissions can be rejected for a number of reasons.

Reasons why your post may be rejected:

  • Negative or confrontational tone
  • Derogatory stereotypes
  • Poor writing style
  • Copied from your (or someone else’s) blog – see Exclusivity above
  • Overly promotional

If possible, we'll give you specific suggestions to improve your post for re-submission. But if your post is rejected, you are free to publish it on your own site or guest post somewhere else.

Ready to submit? Send us your topic.

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