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Wolfville Tide Time Lapse at Waterfront Park

Annapolis Valley

Last fall, we explored Wolfville (Nova Scotia) on foot. When we arrived at the little picnic park, the tide was completely out. I quickly set-up my camera and begin filming a time lapse.

Here's what it looked like when we arrived: a huge, empty mud puddle.

wolfville bay of fundy tides

And here's what we saw over the next 80 minutes.

Bay of Fundy Tides

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Want to make your own? Here are the settings to create a tide time lapse video.

Here's a shot of the entrance to Waterfront Park. There's a nice set of benches and picnic tables. It fills up with office workers over the noon hour.

Wolfville Nova Scotia

Wolfville has ten parks, including Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, College Park, Quiet Park, Acadia Park, Clock Park, Rotary Park, Willow Park, Sherwood Park, Olsen Pond Park, and Reservoir Park.

Many of these are connected by the town's four principal walking trails.

This guy stands ready to give a welcome and some directions. From this park, you can walk or bike along the dykes or take the Rail Trail (the old railway tracks).

Wolfville map Nova Scotia

Love high tides? Check out these 9 Bay of Fundy tide time lapse videos.

Your Turn

What's your favorite thing in Wolfville? Have you seen the tide from Waterfront Park?

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